There’s an old saying about making hay while the sun shines, because if you miss your opportunity, forage quality can decline quickly. But that was before we introduced HarvXtra® alfalfa — the industry’s first genetically-enhanced alfalfa developed to maximize quality compared to conventional alfalfa at the same stage of maturity, by reducing the amount of lignin in the plant.

The HarvXtra alfalfa technology fundamentally changes the relationship between forage quality and stage of maturity by modifying lignin content (ADL) beyond what is possible with conventional breeding techniques.

The result of this technology is unprecedented flexibility by widening cutting windows. Alfalfa growers now have the ability to better manage the yield-versus-quality trade-off. Growers have the option to maintain harvest for higher quality or delay harvest for higher yield potential, without sacrificing quality. HarvXtra alfalfa varieties also feature weed management options with Roundup Ready technology.