A critical component to a strong crop is a weed-free field. Along with conventional varieties, the NEXGROW offers a full industry-leading portfolio of alfalfa varieties with Roundup Ready technology. Look for trusted varieties like 6497R and 6547R for help achieving a weed-free field.

According to Penn State University Extension, the most critical time for weed management in alfalfa is during establishment. Yield longevity of an alfalfa stand depends on successful initial establishment of the crop since all subsequent harvests are dependent on initial stand density.

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To maximize the benefits of Roundup Ready alfalfa, glyphosate should be applied to seeding alfalfa at the 3 to 5 trifoliate stage when weeds are less than 4 inches tall. If weed problems persist, an additional application of glyphosate can be made up to 5 days prior to harvest. An initial glyphosate application is necessary at the 3 to 5 trifoliate stage to remove the small percentage of glyphosate-susceptible alfalfa plants that are present in the new seeding.