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6422Q Alfalfa

Top-performing Variety

5-time commercial hay champion at World Forage Superbowl

Step-change in yield potential over current varieties

Outstanding winterhardiness in a full-season variety

Very fast recovery for multiple cut systems

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Winter Survival & Adaptation

Fall Dormancy 4
Winterhardiness Very Hardy

Disease Tolerance

Bacterial Wilt High Resistance
Verticillium Wilt High Resistance
Fusarium Wilt High Resistance
Anthracnose High Resistance
Phytophthora Root Rot High Resistance
Aphanomyces Root Rot High Resistance
Disease Rating Index 30

Plant Characteristics

Growth Habit Upright
Fineness of Stem Very Fine
Leafiness V. High Leaf to Stem Ratio
Leaf Retention Very Good
Plant Color Very Dark Green

Agronomic Features

Yield Cuts 4+
Fall Growth Late Fall Dormancy
Stand Persistence Excellent
Early Seedling Growth Excellent
Drought Stress Very Good
Recovery After Cutting Very Fast
Forage Quality Excellent

Pest Resistance

Pea Aphid Resistance
Spotted Aphid -
Blue Aphid -
Leafhopper Yellowing
Stem Nematode Resistance
N. Root Knot Nematode -
S. Root Knot Nematode -