NEXGROW® Alfalfa Seed Treatments

To further enhance emergence and stand establishment, the NEXGROW® alfalfa line offers Optimize® Gold Growth Promoter treatments and seed treatment fungicides Maxim® 4FS and Apron XL® with Cruiser® 5FS insecticide to promote earlier nodule formation and protect seeds and seedlings from numerous soil borne diseases, including Phythium, Phytophtora and downy mildew, and insects like aphids and leafhoppers.

NEXGROW® seed treatments are divided between preferred coated, standard and inoculant only.

NEXGROW® Alfalfa Seed Treatment Options

Treatment Treatment Code Description Apron XL® Nitragin® Gold Optimize® Gold CruiserMaxx® Alfalfa
CruiserMaxx®* CTD 241 CTDMX (34%) X X X
Preferred CTD 326 CTD LCO (34%) X X X
Preferred CTD 538 CTD CT8 (8%) X X X
Standard TRD 329 TRD AXL X X
Standard CTD 329 CTD AXL (34%) X X
Inoculant Only RDY ZZZ RDY UNT X

*May not be available in all geographies or in all products

Preferred Coated Seed Treatment

Grower Benefit
Promotion of early nodule formation for advanced nitrogen fixation which enhances emergence and stand for healthier, faster developing plants.
Control of seed- and soil-borne diseases caused by fungi.
Promotion of root and shoot development – immediately and independently of soil conditions.

Standard Seed Treatment

Grower Benefit
Demonstrates excellent early crop vigor, which normally results in higher yields at harvest and controls seed and soil borne diseases caused by fungi.
Helps forage legumes attain maximum nodulation and nitrogen fixation. Specifically-selected natural rhizobia strains result in high levels of nitrogen fixation for maximum yield potential.

Inoculant Only Seed Treatment

Grower Benefit
In addition to high yield potential, Nitragin Gold Pre-inoculant is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic planting.

Look to NEXGROW for Quality

NEXGROW is equipped to deliver the traits and technology you need – now and in the future. We provide varieties that enable you to plant “full season” alfalfa without sacrificing winterhardiness or forage quality, by offering a number of varieties to suit your needs on the farm and in your business. Check out our varieties and email for information specific to your region.